Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions after reading this FAQ please email us.

What is on the CD?
Have a look at What is on the CD? (AR Companion) page or What is on the CD? (ARC Antenna Ref) or read the reviews.

What sort of computer do I need to run the CDs?
Any Windows or Linux PC with a CD-ROM drive will do. The CDs also run on a Mac with the pages and in-built javascript calculators displaying like regular web pages, but the software in the 'Files' sections will not run without a PC emulator. The CDs have been written using HTML and JavaScript so they can be used just like surfing the internet. The CDs are ISO9660 format (standard CD-ROM disc).

System requirements:

How much does the CD cost?
The Amateur Radio Companion CD is AU plus postage and handling.
The ARC Antenna Reference CD is AU plus postage and handling.

Discounts are offered to members of radio clubs.
Postage rates are determined according to the destination.
For more information see the 'Ordering Information' pages for Amateur Radio Companion and ARC Antenna Reference.

A special discount is offered to students of the online Radio & Electronics School (
Email us for details.

How do I order a copy?
Easy, just fill out the order form.