Returns policy for CD-ROM products

Refunds on CD-ROM products are not generally issued because of the ease with which CDs may be copied and pirated.
Even major retailers will only offer refunds on unopened packages where the cellophane wrapping is intact.
The exceptions to this are where the product is not as described or isn't what you specified in your request at time of purchase, or other exceptions provided by relevant Trade Practices / Sale of Goods Laws.

We like to try to be a little nicer than this, so read on:

Refunds on CD-ROM and CD products must be negotiated, if you simply return the item with a request (or demand) for refund this is insufficient reason for a refund to be issued. In this situation the CD will be tested and if found to be fault-free it will be returned to you. If you return it a second time in the same manner you will need to pay postage for a replacement.
If it is faulty (excluding physical damage inflicted after receipt by you) it will be replaced free of charge.
If you have read the description then you have seen what the product is.

If you contact us and negotiate a refund you may then return the product to us. However, the following conditions must be met.

  1. The CD-ROM must be returned in the original case and be in a resaleable condition - i.e. no scratches or breakage.
  2. You must enclose a simple signed declaration to the effect that no copies, backups, archives, extracts etc have been made of the CD.

    Example: I, _____________, of address _____________ declare that no copies have been made of, or any part of, product _____________.
    Sign and date it.

The item purchase price (not including shipping) will be refunded within three (3) business days of receipt. The refund will be in the form of either electronic payment, credit card reversal or money order at our discretion. You must also allow sufficient time after this for the postal/banking service to deliver the refund.
In the event the product is damaged we will refund a percentage of the purchase price as determined at our discretion.

All products have been tested on a range of Windows and Linux PCs and/or disc players, therefore a "it doesn't work on my computer" return is not a reason if the CD is proven to work when returned. In this event we will return the CD-ROM (original or a substitute) to you.

This is simply to try and minimise the number of purchases for the purposes of making an illegal copy and returning the original or a duplicate for a refund.

For returns, contact:

Note to international customers:
Items sent internationally will be accompanied by a Customs Declaration. Items will be marked as "Merchandise" with the value being the purchase price of the item not including shipping costs. Buyers should not request it be marked as "Gift" or anything other than "Merchandise" in an attempt to avoid duties or tariffs as refusal may offend.

If you have any questions after reading this Policy please email us.